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Chloe, Founder and Chief Editor

I have always been fond of literature. I grew up reading fantasy books until the day finally arrived where I started writing one. As a journalist, I would write articles, columns and blogs for newsrooms and magazines. I produced and reported news for live radio. But in the end … the call of creative writing was too strong, too insistent not to answer.

Now, I spend my days both writing and editing; a love for books and helping others intertwining until I founded Chloe’s Chapters. If I’m not reading, writing, or editing, you’ll find me playing video games, at the beach, or going for hikes in sunny Queensland.

 I am a creative thinker, writer, and producer. Writing and editing is in my blood, and more importantly -- something I've had extensive experience in as both a professional author and editor.  ​With a Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing, I have the skills and knowledge to assist you.


I am passionate about books, and I want to share that experience with fellow authors while developing strong relationships.

I am the sole developmental editor for Chloe's Chapters and the chief copy editor. Rest assured that together, your manuscript is in good hands.

​Want to know more about my own books? I am the author of the Guardians of the Grove series.

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Aidan, Freelance Copy Editor

I am a former journalist with a Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing, and a Bachelor of English and Creative Writing. Though I do love writing—and journalism was a great outlet for that—my true passions are reading, editing, and all things books! 

By nature, I am extremely (some might say annoyingly) thorough, but only because I love figuring out how grammar should fit together. Any manuscript can be enhanced, and I strive to ensure your writing is the best it can be... and that comes through in my editing. 

I specialise in copy editing and proofreading for Chloe's Chapters, and away from freelancing for the lovely and talented Chloe, I am studying to be a librarian to further surround myself with books.


I like sports, food, and am a serial dog hugger!