Writing a novel is hard work. Editing can be even harder.

As a journalist-turned-author, I understand how stressful the publishing process can be. Revising takes time, and it’s important to gain perspective from fresh eyes to ensure your manuscript is clean and concise.


I will work with you on a one-on-one basis to fulfil your editing needs and elevate your manuscript to a quality, print-ready standard. With my assistant, Aidan, on board to cross-check copy and line edits, your manuscript is in good hands.

Have questions that need answering? I’m here. Unsure what service is right for you? Ask away. I'm always happy to chat and my DM's on Instagram are always open. Building a rapport is important, and I welcome the opportunity to get to know you on-and-off the page!

My specialty? Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Young Adult, but I'm open to other genres.

Now, let’s do this thing!


Ready to move forward?

All clients are required to sign a contract  and pay a minimum deposit before services commence. 

If you have any questions regarding my services and rates, please send me an email with details of your manuscript genre, word count, the type of edits you require and the date you would like to begin. 

I will respond within 48 business hours.

Thanks for submitting!

Brisbane, Australia

+61 0422 022 589

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